Critter Pictures as of Apr. 6, 2003

These pictures were taken at the Albuquerque Zoo, Albuquerque, New Mexico. This was an afternoon visit on a 90 degree day. Most of the critters were playing it smarter than I was by taking siesta.

The format of the entry is file name, file size, image size, and date picture was taken. The second line will be a brief description of the image. The images are grouped by visit to the zoo and sub aranged by my path of wandering through the zoo.

I hope you enjoy the images.

DSC00260.JPG 195182 1024x768 020522
Flamingos. What we need here is a front yard lawn in Florida. Albuquerque Zoo
DSC00286.JPG 152634 1024x768 020522
Tortoise. Albuquerque Zoo
DSC00311.JPG 121796 1024x768 020522
Gray wolf lying on his side. Albuquerque Zoo
DSC00315.JPG 107544 1024x768 020522
Gray wolf. Something caught his attention. Albuquerque Zoo
DSC00332.JPG 142048 1024x768 020522
Lion taking a nap. Albuquerque Zoo
DSC00334.JPG 115382 1024x768 020522
Lioness yawning. Albuquerque Zoo
DSC00336.JPG 115894 1024x768 020522
Cheetahs hiding out in the shade. Albuquerque Zoo
DSC00345.JPG 168764 1024x768 020522
Leopards all sprawled out on a branch. Albuquerque Zoo
DSC00347.JPG 94448 1024x768 020522
Leopard. "Here's looking at you." And an example of shooting through the wires trying to make the wires disappear. Albuquerque Zoo
DSC00353.JPG 103132 1024x768 020522
Young puma or cougar looking through the bars. Albuquerque Zoo
DSC00357.JPG 95958 1024x768 020522
Another young puma sprawled out taking a nap. Albuquerque Zoo
DSC00359.JPG 68706 1024x768 020522
Tiger sleeping in a corner. Albuquerque Zoo
DSC00366.JPG 119014 1024x768 020522
Elephant. Albuquerque Zoo
DSC00369.JPG 114456 1024x768 020522
Camels. No smoking allowed. Albuquerque Zoo
DSC00374.JPG 140037 1024x768 020522
Giraffes under a sun umbrella. Albuquerque Zoo
DSC00381.JPG 183660 1024x768 020522
Zerbas in the shade. Albuquerque Zoo
DSC00387.JPG 149250 1024x768 020522
Rhinoceros napping in the sun. Albuquerque Zoo
DSC00390.JPG 156712 1024x768 020522
Prairie Dog. Albuquerque Zoo
DSC00393.JPG 105849 1024x768 020522
Seals. I've no idea of the types, but I know they're not Easter or Christmas. Albuquerque Zoo
DSC00399.JPG 149648 1024x768 020522
Koala bear. And as usual, totally zoned out. Albuquerque Zoo
DSC00406.JPG 144079 1024x768 020522
Wolf statue at the front entrance to the zoo. Albuquerque Zoo