Critter Pictures as of May. 17, 2003

Welcome to my site. These are pictures I've taken at various zoos. You are welcome to use the pictures for non-commerical purposes. The usual size will be 1024 by 768 pixels.

The format of the entry is file name, file size, image size, and date picture was taken. The second line will be a brief description of the image. The images are generally grouped by visit to the zoo.

I hope you enjoy the images.

FDSC00092.JPG 134277 1024x768 020528
Otters on the ground. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00095.JPG 88990 1024x768 020528
Otter swimming. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00100.JPG 129837 1024x768 020528
Otter on a log. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00106.JPG 116197 1024x768 020528
Seal on the rocks. Gee, that sounds like a drink. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00114.JPG 91835 1024x768 020528
Black bears. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00118.JPG 106248 1024x768 020528
Ploar bear. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00122.JPG 154608 1024x768 020528
Two polar bears. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00127.JPG 133087 1024x768 020528
Orangutang. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00128.JPG 126207 1024x768 020528
White Orangutang. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00131.JPG 188088 1024x768 020528
Primate of some type. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00134.JPG 159886 1024x768 020528
Storks of some type. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00142.JPG 113907 1024x768 020528
Rhinoceros, profile. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00144.JPG 41982 1024x768 020528
Jaguarundi. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00148.JPG 121338 1024x768 020528
Another small feline. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00151.JPG 85087 1024x768 020528
Pampus cat. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00152.JPG 100024 1024x768 020528
Serval sleeping. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00155.JPG 62451 1024x768 020528
Golden cat. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00156.JPG 89187 1024x768 020528
Fishing cat. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00161.JPG 137301 1024x768 020528
Siberian lynx with kittens. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00162.JPG 117042 1024x768 020528
Siberian lynx and kittens. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00169.JPG 172760 1024x768 020528
Pallas cat. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00179.JPG 129479 1024x768 020528
Siberian lynx looking out through the wire. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00182.JPG 108918 1024x768 020528
Japanese macaques on monkey island. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00188.JPG 150623 1024x768 020528
White tiger. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00190.JPG 163294 1024x768 020528
White tiger. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00200.JPG 218446 1024x768 020528
Bengal tiger taking a nap. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00202.JPG 140785 1024x768 020528
,Giant eland. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00210.JPG 217409 1024x768 020528
Flamingos. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00214.JPG 147278 1024x768 020528
Zebras. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00217.JPG 111351 1024x768 020528
Cheetah napping. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00229.JPG 119555 1024x768 020528
Stellar's Sea Eagle. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00233.JPG 140978 1024x768 020528
American bald eagle. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00235.JPG 131782 1024x768 020528
Red river hogs. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00242.JPG 68371 1024x768 020528
Mhorr's gazell. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00244.JPG 89695 1024x768 020528
Bactrian camel. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00245.JPG 121294 1024x768 020528
Zebra duiker. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00248.JPG 115886 1024x768 020528
Duiker. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00253.JPG 116903 1024x768 020528
Japanese macaque in the water at the edge of monkey island. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00256.JPG 162356 1024x768 020528
Red panda sprawled out in a tree. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00584.JPG 102353 1024x768 020920
A squirrel up in a tree. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00588.JPG 152303 1024x768 020920
Squirrel with an acorn. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00593.JPG 102775 1024x768 020920
Black bear. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00598.JPG 90723 1024x768 020920
Polar bear under water near window. This bear was doing this sequence many times. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00599.JPG 116467 1024x768 020920
Stage two, beat the water into millions of bubbles. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00600.JPG 134554 1024x768 020920
Stage three, lots and lots of bubbles. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00602.JPG 76227 1024x768 020920
Stage four, kick off glass and head back into the pool. Then repeat again. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00606.JPG 67414 1024x768 020920
Rhinoceros. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00614.JPG 142691 1024x768 020920
Orangutan. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00615.JPG 185821 1024x768 020920
White orangutan. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00617.JPG 156800 1024x768 020920
Chimpanzee sitting on rock wall. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00629.JPG 141400 1024x768 020920
White lion walking fence line. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00635.JPG 149856 1024x768 020920
White lion coming at you. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00638.JPG 81994 1024x768 020920
Yellow tree frog. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00639.JPG 75677 1024x768 020920
Green tree frog. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00641.JPG 90691 1024x768 020920
Another frog. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00643.JPG 122076 1024x768 020920
Ringtailed lemurs. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00646.JPG 101359 1024x768 020920
Bobcat taking a nap. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00650.JPG 94056 1024x768 020920
Ocelot. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00664.JPG 60506 1024x768 020920
Golden cat. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00665.JPG 85675 1024x768 020920
Fishing cat. And no fish. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00666.JPG 94362 1024x768 020920
Fishing cat taking a cat nap. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00671.JPG 56662 1024x768 020920
Sevral. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00674.JPG 96456 1024x768 020920
Lynx about to be pounced. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00675.JPG 62424 1024x768 020920
Serval taking a bath. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00677.JPG 71955 1024x768 020920
Pallas cat. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00682.JPG 154335 1024x768 020920
Japanese macaques. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00686.JPG 164017 1024x768 020920
African wild dog. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00691.JPG 145064 1024x768 020920
Bengal tiger on rock look out. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00694.JPG 153414 1024x768 020920
Bengal tiger, again. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00696.JPG 168255 1024x768 020920
Bengal tiger posing. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00703.JPG 137414 1024x768 020920
Bengal tiger walking along rocks. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00709.JPG 89605 1024x768 020920
Bengal tiger walking the other way. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00712.JPG 89605 1024x768 020920
,Giant elands Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00713.JPG 192491 1024x768 020920
African Flamingos Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00717.JPG 162605 1024x768 020920
Zebras lunching. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00718.JPG 116488 1024x768 020920
Cheetah lying back and relaxing. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00728.JPG 145913 1024x768 020920
Bongo lying down and yellow-backed duiker on the side. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00730.JPG 122728 1024x768 020920
Rhinoceros just standing there. Cincinati Zoo
FDSC00734.JPG 141419 1024x768 020920
Polar bear taking a nap. Must like a firm bed. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00261.JPG 155934 1024x768 021028
Takin. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00265.JPG 156672 1024x768 021028
Mhorr's gazelles. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00266.JPG 103710 1024x768 021028
Mhorr's gazelle. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00271.JPG 166611 1024x768 021028
Bactrian camel. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00277.JPG 117416 1024x768 021028
Stellar's Sea Eagles. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00289.JPG 108262 1024x768 021028
Blad eagle. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00307.JPG 172500 1024x768 021028
Japanese macaque climbing. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00322.JPG 161996 1024x768 021028
White tiger on rock. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00334.JPG 124950 1024x768 021028
Whote tiger lying on rock bench. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00340.JPG 150718 1024x768 021028
Bengal tiger head poking over rocks. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00341.JPG 174880 1024x768 021028
Bengal tiger lying behind rocks. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00347.JPG 168168 1024x768 021028
Giant elands. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00351.JPG 160274 1024x768 021028
Giant elands. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00354.JPG 212198 1024x768 021028
Flamingos. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00356.JPG 193613 1024x768 021028
Zebra. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00372.JPG 150455 1024x768 021028
Cheetah walking and looking. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00374.JPG 161560 1024x768 021028
Cheetah looking over his shoulder. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00377.JPG 196459 1024x768 021028
Cheetah looking at you. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00390.JPG 152060 1024x768 021028
White lion. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00393.JPG 147655 1024x768 021028
The other white lion. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00402.JPG 149522 1024x768 021028
Peacock perched on a sign. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00404.JPG 190189 1024x768 021028
Cat house sign. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00424.JPG 62499 1024x768 021028
Serval, I think. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00426.JPG 68604 1024x768 021028
Serval, again. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00428.JPG 82066 1024x768 021028
Sleeping serval. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00436.JPG 96111 1024x768 021028
Bobcat playing hide and seek. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00439.JPG 60248 1024x768 021028
Golden cat sleeping. Hm, lots of felines sleeping on this trip. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00441.JPG 104243 1024x768 021028
Fishing cat getting ready for a nap. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00448.JPG 170808 1024x768 021028
Lynxes! The kittens are older on this trip. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00471.JPG 125415 1024x768 021028
White lion, again. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00475.JPG 149367 1024x768 021028
Polar bear intrested in something. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00477.JPG 177453 1024x768 021028
Polar bear taking a nap. Maybe he learned it from the felines. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00478.JPG 110962 1024x768 021028
Black bear walking on the edge of the moat. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00490.JPG 162122 1024x768 021028
Otters hamming it up on a log. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00491.JPG 126400 1024x768 021028
Otters checking out both sides of the log. Cincinati Zoo
DSC00494.JPG 117669 1024x768 021028
Otters swiming. Cincinati Zoo