Critter Pictures as of Apr. 5, 2003

These pictures were taken at the Toledo Zoo, Toledo, Ohio.

The format of the entry is file name, file size, image size, and date picture was taken. The second line will be a brief description of the image. The images are grouped by visit to the zoo and sub aranged by my path of wandering through the zoo.

I hope you enjoy the images.

DSC00087.JPG 90328 1024x768 021014
Seals. An underwater shot. Toledo Zoo
DSC00094.JPG 77008 1024x768 021014
Polar bear taking a nap. Toledo Zoo
DSC00097.JPG 75351 1024x768 021014
Polar bear on all four. Toledo Zoo
DSC00104.JPG 266445 1024x768 021014
Gray wolf walking along a path. Toledo Zoo
DSC00131.JPG 160520 1024x768 021014
African wild dog lying in the sun. Toledo Zoo
DSC00138.JPG 108257 1024x768 021014
Snow leopard. Toledo Zoo
DSC00143.JPG 96253 1024x768 021014
Hippotamuses fighting under water. Toledo Zoo
DSC00147.JPG 208300 1024x768 021014
Hippotamuses surfacing still in battle. Toledo Zoo
DSC00148.JPG 69223 1024x768 021014
Hippotamuses close up underwater. Toledo Zoo
DSC00152.JPG 197665 1024x768 021014
A Gazelle of some kind, I believe. Toledo Zoo
DSC00162.JPG 169298 1024x768 021014
A bird of some kind. Looks interesting. Toledo Zoo
DSC00168.JPG 132565 1024x768 021014
Rhinoceros napping. Toledo Zoo
DSC00169.JPG 234524 1024x768 021014
Ostrich. Toledo Zoo
DSC00170.JPG 140122 1024x768 021014
Giraffe & and ostrich. Toledo Zoo
DSC00173.JPG 178998 1024x768 021014
A kudu. Toledo Zoo
DSC00180.JPG 223752 1024x768 021014
Meercat. Toledo Zoo
DSC00184.JPG 133156 1024x768 021014
Meercats. Toledo Zoo
DSC00185.JPG 146625 1024x768 021014
More meercats. Toledo Zoo
DSC00188.JPG 134154 1024x768 021014
Lionless cat napping in the sun. Toledo Zoo
DSC00193.JPG 82936 1024x768 021014
Artic fox in white phase. Toledo Zoo
DSC00196.JPG 291459 1024x768 021014
Kangaroos. Toledo Zoo
DSC00210.JPG 180670 1024x768 021014
Cheetah lying in the shade. Toledo Zoo
DSC00215.JPG 155241 1024x768 021014
Painted ponies. Toledo Zoo
DSC00218.JPG 156600 1024x768 021014
Painted ponies. Toledo Zoo
DSC00219.JPG 160609 1024x768 021014
More painted ponies. Toledo Zoo
DSC00224.JPG 157890 1024x768 021014
Still more painted ponies. Toledo Zoo
DSC00226.JPG 82245 1024x768 021014
Allen-Herschell carousel hand painted by Tolemates of Northern Ohio. Toledo Zoo
DSC00229.JPG 151376 1024x768 021014
Close up of Patriot painted pony. Toledo Zoo
DSC00240.JPG 139943 1024x768 021014
Wolves. One sitting, one lying. Toledo Zoo
DSC00242.JPG 139470 1024x768 021014
Wolves. Looking for a more confortable spot to lie down. Toledo Zoo